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Under 5's


anna lies, Domobaal, London feb-mar 2017

Grease Madonna, Domobaal, London oct-nov 2014

opus dopus, domobaal, london24th February– 31st march 2012

Zerrissenheit, curated by Stephen Dunne, RISE, Berlin 2012

other surfaces, curated by Rebecca Geldard, Poppy Sebire, London 2012

short videos are drawn from a growing archive of under 5 minute works made over the past decade or so. Each work is a response to an often chance collision between an anecdote, situation, image or overheard phone conversation expanded through a process of live footage, collage and low-fi animation. The soundtracks to each film are combinations of recorded and text to speech narrations with music drawn from a long standing collaboration between Strutton’s band “Arthur Brick” and Riccardo Carbone.

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